Good evening WordPressers and Googlers 😀
So this evening we went down to the beach to catch the sunset down there, before we got down there we stopped at that little church. The boss thought that the light would be good, however the sun had already disappeared behind the trees.sunset_a65-2
As you can see it is rather old and still in good shape. They keep it immaculate. Anyhow we got down to the beach just in time for the show to start. Well you know me, I don’t caresunset_a65-5much about the colour, I am more into all the messages my pals left over the day. So I started to scan the beach once I got out of the car 😀  Of course I also have this other job… sitting still so the boss can take a picture of me.

When I am not sitting still for a portrait 😀  I am doing this…

or I am chasing the birds, never mind that they are rather small 😀

Anyhow – I had a ball down at the beach, found some people that would pet me and tell how gorgeous I am 😀  while the boss is taking shots of the sunset. Here they are, I hope you enjoy them.

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend. Have a good start into the week tomorrow and paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Sunset…”

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the last one just before the sun sets.

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    1. Thank you and thanks for reading – glad you like the pics… it was a gorgeous evening yday… warm enough and I guess it will be one of the last warm weeks ahead of us. acc to the met temps will drop by the end of the week. 😒 autumn is on the way – no doubt

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