A visit to Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark…

Early this morning and I mean early (woke up early again and woke the boss 😀  )ribeit looked like it was gonna be a hot day. Guess what, at 11.00 hr it was already 28 degrees. Well we went to Denmarks oldest town called Ribe early in the day to avoid the heat (just as well I got up early 😀 ) in order to do the tourist thing. I’ll take you on a tour – right ?ribe-2So when we got there we parked just near the canal or whatever you would call that and walked from there into town.

On the way we came across some lovely houses and small streets and of course, the boss had to take some pics. Well in all fairness, you wouldn’t have anything to look without the pics 😀  Ribe has this very old church in the center of town.

from the square, there are little streets going in all sorts of directions. We took what appeared to be the main street.

Here is a collection of images from that walk. While the boss took some pics, I sneaked off and went for a swim 😀  still had my leash on though. Not good I know.

Hard to believe that Ribe once was a sea port, it is so far inland. However they do have this river connection to the sea and you know me… if there is water I find it 😀  Well the boss didn’t really mind as it was already very warm.

Here are some more images from our visit. It must be 30º by now and shortly we are off to the beach. I hope you enjoyed me bringing along to our little tour. Have a great day all and paws up from me 🐾

4 responses to “A visit to Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark…”

  1. good Morning to Dänmark from Greece ..thanks for this phantastic Pictures’..i like Ribe. have a nice new Day Today..love from Susan

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    1. thank you susan – glad you liked the pictures 😊 have a fantastic day…


  2. Such a quaint town! It’s probably good that you got an early start to avoid the heat. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon and start behaving like Autumn 🙂

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    1. I must say the weather was absolutely amazing last couple of weeks. With all the sunshine stowed away, the dull winter days can arrive 😀

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