Another hot day…

and a visit to the beach. We brought the camera, however since we actually went swimming… yes you read correctly… we left all the gear in the car. There isn’t really a point in shooting the same over again – is there ?
Glad you agree with me 😀  On the beach and while in the water I met Taylor, an Australian Shepherd girl and her mum and dad. They were playing with a ball and I wanted to be part of the game, so I pushed in and they let me fetch the ball as well 😀  Little did they know that I would just take the ball and swim away with it 😀  So the boss had to interfere, call me up and I had to hand over the ball to him. He returned the ball to them and I was invited to play with them again. After a while we all got out of the water and I was allowed to mess around with Taylor, which of course we did and that was a lot of fun. The boss spoke to the people and we arranged to meet them again tomorrow and then I will make sure the boss brings the camera.
Anyhow – back at the car we met this guy from Hamburg and the boss got to talk to him. He lend me his cooking pot, so I could have a drink of water as the boss forgot to bring my bowl. They chatted for ages and in the meantime I had a snooze and was dreaming of dinner 😀  We agreed to meet up again tomorrow, so it should be a fun afternoon. Above you can see the temperature when we left the beach to go home. Amazing if you consider that we have the middle of September and it is already autumn. So have a great evening all and catch you again tomorrow. Paws up from me 🐾

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