An Update of our day…

Well what a day that was. This morning we went to Stagebjerg, afterwards it was chill time and in the afternoon we went to the beach. We met the guy with the VW again, however there was no sign of Tayler. I would have loved to play with her again. So we went to the water, I had a good and long swim and we sat with the guy – his name is Peter – and the boss chatted to him for a while. Getting home was great, I got dinner and we went for a walk just in our area. Later I got brushed – I love that and fall asleep regulary 😀  and the best part of it 😀  I get a treat afterwards for being good.eveSo it is dark now – the moon has come up and the nights are already getting fresh. At least I can sleep and don’t have to get up early 😀 Tomorrow is our last full day here in Denmark and on Friday it off home for us. I think I will be a bit sad for leaving this lovely place and happy because I will be home again. Well – let you know either way 😀  Have a wonderful evening all and paws up from me 🐾

One response to “An Update of our day…”

  1. Safe travels on your journey home 🙂

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