Discovering Stagebjerg…

This morning after breakfast we took a ride to a place south of us, called Stagebjerg. At first the boss thought he turned the wrong way, however it turned out just to be the right spot. There is a walkway crossing the road and we decided to stop there.

The Stagebjerg is 19 mtr high and gives a good panorama view, even though there isn’t much to see 😀

So we had good look around up there and the boss took a couple of shots from the highest point up there. No session would be complete without a couple of pics of me – right? 😀

Getting back to the car, we crossed the road and went in to the other side of the woods.

There is all these walkways in different directions and it is a great place to discover. I heard a couple of deer near by, however I couldn’t see them, just smell them. While I was waiting for the boss as usual…stagebjerg-20he took a couple of pictures of this 😀stagebjerg-19There are loads of spider webs between the trees and some of them are rather large and a piece of art.stagebjerg-18After nearly an hour we headed back towards the car, you could feel it getting warmer already – even though we were in the woods. Great walk as we haven’t been there before, we are home now and I think it is time for my morning beauty sleep 😀  Have a great day all and catch you again little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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