The day wrapped up…

Hi guys – this is a wrap up of our day today. This afternoon we once again went to the beach. The weather was just too good to stay at the house. We went swimming and all the time I was in the water, I just swam. Swam over to some other people, back over to the boss and so on 😀  it was simply great. We sat with the guy Peter again, however today it was a bit on the windy side, so there was plenty of movement as I couldn’t find a sheltered place. We watched a couple of cars get stuck in the sand, one of them had to be pulled out

by this huge truck. The boss and Peter helped two other guys to get out of the sand. Good deed for the day 😀 sunset-5In the evening we went down to the beach again to watch the sun set ☀️ however we didn’t stay that late as we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pics we took down there

While we were watching the sun set on one side…sunset-3the moon came up on the other side. I think it is the full moon, however I am not sure. Have a great evening all and sweet dreams later. Paws up from me 🐾sunset-10

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