Final Morning on Rømø…

Good morning all – this is our final day on Rømø, in the afternoon we will be heading home. It has been a fantastic time here once again as we were blessed with plenty of sunshine throughout. However this morning it was different, it was much fresher out and there were clouds on the horizon.sunrise-5There was talk of a cold front approaching, so with us leaving today we’ve done the right thing. Pretty much like our stay in may. When we left the clouds came 😀  We did a rather longish round this morning and enjoyed the sun rise and the colours that come with it.

While we were heading up to the gate, I met these girls 😀sunrise-11and we had a bit of a stand off. However once I got close enough they took their legs under their arms and ran. 😀

We had a game of chase and that was great fun, however I didn’t want to scare them too much. So I left them to go on my way and later they hopped over the fence to safety. 😀sunrise-18A lovely round, plenty to discover. While on the other side of the gate I found some pheasants and when I got into the bushes, they flew off in a hurry 😀  Can’t imagine why – can you ? Anyhow – guess I will miss the space up here and the freedom to roam wherever I want. At home it’s a lot more crowded 😒  still we gotta go home sometime I know. Here is the rest of the pics from this morning. Enjoy them, not sure if I will be able to post more stuff today as we’ll be travelling. Have a great day all and paws up from me 🐾

4 responses to “Final Morning on Rømø…”

  1. The landscape there is just beautiful. Safe travels home!

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  2. Once again the weather was fine. Are you going back every year ? Could be fun meeting you. Have a great day. Kiss from Max and bettina

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    1. hi bettina, this year we’ve been on Rømø three times and we are planning one more trip this year. However not sure when exactly that will take place. If you like we will keep you posted on our travel plans and the progress. maybe we can send you an email… woofs, hugs and kisses from us…


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