Sunday Update…

Hi everybody… just a brief update about our weekend. Yesterday I kept very close company to the boss as he wasn’t well at all. He had caught some sort of stomach bug and even he tried and got up in the morning, went for a walk with me – he just wasn’t well. I stayed close by while he slept for most of the day. So far so good. Today he was all better and we got back to normal – well kind off 😀  This morning we met Hilde, Emma, Milka and Pit in the woods on our morning round.morning-5And there is even a little video clip of a bit of action 😀

This video doesn’t exist

Don’t get dizzy with all the messing that goes on 😀  Once back on our round, all went back to normal. morning-4Having a look back if anybody is following us 😀 and getting back to the boss.
This video doesn’t exist

Later our friend Dirk came over and there was more building work done on our extension.

That went on for most of the afternoon and I had to have a break with all that action going on 😀building-4 building-5Well – eventually all the building was done and yeah… we went on an afternoon walk.walkYou can see the weather not being that nice, still we had a good bit of sunshine while on our round.

Of course I had to have a dip in the pond 😀 no walk would be complete without one… walk-3On the way back we met this guy, he must be new as we had never met him before.walk-6Lovely fellow as he came closer to the fence to say hello to us. Once back home I got dinner and the boss and Dirk went out for a run while I had a snooze.
Later in the evening there was a BBQ and of course, being good as I am I got a treat. A lovely piece of meat 😀 yummy… fire-2 fireAn action packed day goes to end and I am off to beddies. Have a wonderful night and tomorrow a good start into the week. Paws up from me 🐾

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