The trip back from Denmark…

Well first things first, I had a great time on the island once again. Love all that space and the beach of course 😀

We stopped on the dam and the boss took a couple of pics of the clouds that had been moving in since midday. However before we left, we took one last walk in the woods and I managed to roll in some sh1t 😀  some deer or fox perfum – lovely smell – just ask the boss.

So we drove with open windows 😀 for a while, so the boss could escape the wiff. Anyhow – you know we hadn’t seen any rain over the last 2 weeks, so guess what?

This video doesn’t exist

Yes you guessed right, we had one hell of a downpour just crossing the border. So all in all we were blessed with the weather. Guess when angels travel 😀  right? We stopped a couple of times on our trip back and made it home safe. Have a wonderful evening all and paws up from me 🐾


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