An Adventure Day…

Yesterday was a packed day… in the morning the boss was fighting the French for some information with the bank. Once that was sorted, we could finally start our journey 😀 First we went into town to go the post office and the bank. We had to go and pick up a bumper for our little run around… for that we had to go to Aachen – a place at the German – Belgian border. Being Friday traffic was the usual chaos 😀 with plenty of traffic jams on the way. After we collected the part, we went down to the woods…trip1in a place called Würselen. There was plenty options to pick a walk as you can see.

There is ample space down there and we had a good long walk. Guess what I found hidden underneath the branches 😀 😀 😀  You got that right, a lovely mud hole 😀  and I had to go and check it out… The boss was over the moon NOT 😀  however he was laughing and I sat still while he was taking a picture. Good boy that I am – I know…

On the way round I met another Golden, however he was on the leash and wasn’t allowed to play. So we just said hello to each other and went on our way. Other then that, there was nobody around. Back in the car, we enjoyed the wiff 😀  that came from the mud bath.

So the boss had this idea to go home via Düsseldorf, so I could get a good swim and get all cleaned up again 😀 A good plan as traffic was just unbelievable…trip1-17As you can see – the weather had picked up and the sun was out. It was great to jump into the water and afterwards roll around in the grass.😀 The boss took a video of me, have a look if you like…

We walked all the way down along the water and I took every opportunity to go for a swim.

Near the end we crossed the grassy area and went up to the alley. The boss

collected some of those chestnuts and I took one and carried it all the way back the car 😀 Happy to be on our way home I had a good snooze. You can say it was an action packed day and great to discover a new place near the border. I hope you will have a fantastic weekend catch you all later – no doubt 😀  Paws up from me 🐾

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