Sunday Evening Round…

As I wrote in my previous post, our friend Dirk came over and together – they were working on the extension. I did help as good as I could, however I have this thing about being in the way most of the time 😀  When all was done and it once again started to rain, they finished working and the boss and I went on our evening round at home. evening-5Here is a picture of the boss being all wet, he is not really that great in taking selfies. I will have to show him sometime soon 😀

It wasn’t really that late, however it was getting dark rather early with all the clouds about. I was pretty wet when we got home and that was great, because I get a good rub-down and I love that 😀  One of my favorite things, being wrapped in a towel and getting rubbed big time. So – I hope you have had a great Sunday and a good start into the week today. Paws up from me 🐾

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