An Update…

Yesterday – our run around got winter tyres and our mechanic Jens managed to break one of the brake lines, which delayed our planned trip to France by some 4 hrs. Considering that the boss wanted to leave at about 11.00 hr, we managed to get away at 15.00 hr, hence we got to Bad Peterstal when it was dark.petersbachWe checked into the hotel and went for an evening round. There is a lovely walk way just behind the hotel and we took the road back. The church was lit up nicely – don’t you think. After a good nights sleep and a lovely breakfast (I got some bread and sausages) for being good and waiting by the table while the boss got all the stuff together, now how good is that I am asking you ?! Anyhow – after breakfast we went down the road in order to go the French bank and pick up the cards (apparently you can only pick them up personally) that had been ordered for the boss. So we drove down the hill to the A5 motorway and went South towards the Swiss border. We took the exit for Bad Krotzingen, which would bring us to Neuf Brisach in France. Since the appointment was for after 14.o0 hr we had enough time to go on an adventure. tuniberg-17There is this little chapel on top of a hill and the boss decided that we would go and check it out. The view from up there was fantastic, as you can see on those next few images.

We had a good bit of sunshine, while the surrounding area showed some big grey clouds. The chapel was open and we took a look inside… a tiny lovely place, I just sat by the door and didn’t really wanted to go inside.

Plenty to discover there…

Anyhow we took the road to Breisach and this time we opted to stay on the German side as we hadn’t been there before. Of course I found a place where I could have a dip, the boss didn’t mind I guess.

The other side of the water – I think it is the river Rhine – is France.tuniberg-29

While we were out there and had a walk around the park… our friend Adam called. So the boss spoke to him and told him about the Tuniberg chapel we’d just been. Since Adam was in the area, he opted to pull in at Hausen and we met up for some lunch.adam-1After lunch Adam showed us his bike and another guy – also called Benn well actually Benni  – took a picture of the 3 of us. It was fun to meet up with them and they both said that it was very relaxing to have me around. Of course I got some of the food and no – I am not allowed to beg. So I just lie down, knowing that the boss will look after me – like he always does. After all that we made our way down to the bank in Mulhouse. Nothing special there, everybody in the bank wanted to give me cuddles. On the way back we took the French side and headed for the Haute Konigsbourg. We stopped at this place to go for a walk, in the distance you can see the object of our desire.konigsbourg-5They have build this statue in the middle of the vinyard, totally cool that the boss had seen that. We had a good long walk around before heading up to the castle.

It was a bit disappointing up there, very cold and not much to see. No dogs allowed inside the castle, can you believe that? Well I didn’t mind as I didn’t want to go in there anyway.

One last picture of the view from up there, as I said – nothing spectacular… grey skies and plenty of cloud cover as you can see.konigsbourg-8I know this was a very long post – forgive me. So – I hope you will all have a fantastic start into the weekend and as always – paws up from me.

One response to “An Update…”

  1. Hallo Benn
    Da hast du aber einen schönen Trip mit deinem Chef gemacht! Frankreich ist ein sehr schönes Land und an der schweizer Grenze im Elsass gibts einiges zu entdecken…
    Hoffe du kannst dich auf deinen Pfoten ausruhen und ein Nickerchen machen, bevor es wieder weitergeht…
    Schicke dir viele Grüsse und Pfotendruck von mir, MEMORY🐾🐾


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