The lunchtime round…

Well today we decided to go down to the cycle path and took a turn off down into the woods. You see this area used to be mining ground and there was a lot of train tracks to carry the coal to the nearby steel manufacturing plants in Bochum, Essen, Dortmund and stroll-3so on. The old train track (cycle path) connected Hattingen and Wuppertal and there was all sorts of cross lines just like this one, where a train would go underneath the main line.

As you can see the weather wasn’t really up to much, grey skies and plenty of cloud about. I didn’t see any wildlife, just a crow attacking a hawk and since the boss only the brought the iPhone there wasn’t any point in taking a pic of it. Those two just would be two small dots – nothing more.

It was a quiet round, nothing spectacular. I met one other Golden Retriever on the way, however he or she was on a leash. So I just passed and went my way. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Paws up from me 🐾

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