A little pig 😀

Here comes the Sunday update… and yes – I did it again. Found the mud hole in no time and went for it. Don’t I make a lovely model for a shot 😏  well the boss didn’t mind so much – as long as I am happy he always says and I went for a shower afterwards – no prob at all. Anyhow let me tell you about my round…

We start with the weather, as you can see – simply beautiful. We had about 18º degrees and it felt even warmer once you would stand in the sunshine. ☀️  On the round I met a couple of horses, however this time I was more relaxed while they were passing by. They had 2 dogs with them, so we said hello and went our ways.round-9Once we got to the top of the little hill, we turned left and I went ahead into the woods. Here is where there is always deer about, however yesterday I didn’t see any, didn’t even get a scent of them. Half way down the hill the boss made me stop and sit, yeah yeah forround-7
a shot, wouldn’t you have guessed 😀  So – good as I am I sat and waited before continuing with the run down the hill. There is water at the bottom, hence I had to force the speed a bit.round-10So when the boss finally got there, I looked like this 😎  The rest of our walk was just up the hill home again. This is the view over the fields close to home. Anyhow – finished off with round-12a shower and then some lovely dinner – yum. There was some chicken breast waiting for me 😀  The boss and his friend Dirk went running afterwards, while I had a lovely snooze 💤 Have a great start into the week. Paws up from me 🐾

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