– a word from the boss…

I hope you all have been enjoying the blog so far. I have been informed by WordPress that will expire by tomorrow as I haven’t extended the subscription. As I have no idea what exactly that will mean, I am just giving you al little advance notice that the site might be discontinued. My guess is that it will be reverted to the old address, however I am not sure exactly. So in case you will not find tomorrow, please be sure to check out benn’s google page for an update on the matter. I will be developing a nighthawk project site, where I will combine posts of all activities ie running, travels and of course the adventures of Benn. Maintaining a single entry site will make life so much easier for me. I am sorry for the inconvenience, however as I have registered already, I don’t see the point in paying for the 2 of them. Thanks for following Benn, as always he will give a the paws up 👍 🐾

2 responses to “ – a word from the boss…”

  1. I think we are okay? I still found you.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

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    1. well – tryingto cancel the subscription in order to get back to the old site 😊 see how we go – thx for reading…


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