Grey Afternoon…

Hi all – just a quick update 🐺  from me. While it was beautiful and sunny yesterday, this afternoon was the opposite – grey and dull. My round with the boss was unspectacular, having to wait a lot for the boss. Usually it is the other way around 😀  and the boss has to wait for me. However – at the moment he walks like those guys walking at great altitude 😏 you know the kinda walk I mean. In addition to that he has to stop and blow his nose a lot, it seems to be running all the time. I hope he gets better soon. Anyhow – here are a couple of the dull images taken from our round this afternoon. Even with the best of tools like Adobe Lightroom – there is little one can do to bring some life into those pics.

So I leave you now to go home and get some dinner, hoping you all have a great afternoon and evening. Paws up from me 🐾

One response to “Grey Afternoon…”

  1. Tja man wird halt nicht jünger 😁 gute Besserung 😊


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