A lovely autumn afternoon walk at the ruins of Hardenstein…

Hi all – I hope you all have a wonderful weekend so far. Today was one of those lovely autumn days, it was fresh and not too cold and there was a hint of the sun while we were out.

Here is a mix of images from our walk. We parked the car at the far end and walked on the path along the train tracks. The pace wasn’t great as the boss is still recovering a bit from the flew, so for most of the time I was way ahead of him 😀hardenstein-7It is a good stretch down to the water – where the ferry is parked – and once we got there I had to hop into the water.

I managed to get a bit of a swim, the boss didn’t mind. I think just the thought of the cold water made him shiver 😬  After the swim we went to the ruins of the old castle Hardenstein…

We only spent little time there as we were heading up the hill to find out what is up there. There is plenty of walk ways going in all directions and we decided to take a right turn and head up the hill, just to see what is there.

On top of the hill I met Kira, a wild German Shepherd girl 😀hardenstein-17hardenstein-18We played for a little while and the boss took a couple of pics, however for some reason there was only a few of them in focus. He must have had the shakes or shivers 😀 We joined them for the way back for a little while and wild Kira had fun chasing me over the fields.

All these were taken on the way back at the castle, I was very good sitting still for the boss 👍  While we were passing the water again, the sun came out a bit more and we had some beautiful sunshine for the way back.

I was glad getting back to the car, all the running around had made me pretty knackered. So while the boss was doing the shopping – I had a good snooze 💤  When we got home I helped carry in the shopping, I have started doing this lately and I have to ask the boss to take a picture of it or even a video 😀  I am off to beddies now, hope like me – you all had a good day. Sweet dreams and catch you all tomorrow. Paws up from me 🐾

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