Yesterday – down at the lake…

Hi all – just a short update about our trip down to the lake yesterday. We took the long route over to the dog park and as you can see, there is nobody out there 😀  and I had thelakeplace to myself. The weather was just something else, however obviously not bad enough to stop the boss from running, which he did once we got back to the car. Our round was a tat unspectacular as there was really nobody to play with. lake-2My nose worked overtime though and the boss had to wait for me a couple of times as I was busy reading and leaving messages 😀  for those who will show up after me. Once back at the car, I had a good snooze waiting for the boss to return. So – as you can see – a dull day with little or no action, which is great every now and again. Hope you all have a great day. Paws up from me 🐾

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