Down at the lake…

Yesterday the boss and I went to Bochum to run some errands and on the way back, we stopped on the far side of the lake. A place we hadn’t been before. We parked the car and walked a good bit until we came down to the water 😀  and you know what I did there…

Yes – had to have a dip, despite temperatures just above 0º deg. As you can see there is a lot of algae left over from the summer. Coming out of the water I looked a bit like the Hulk 😎  however one good shake laterlake-9I was all good again. 😀

As you can see we had a good bit of cloud cover and with it some coldish wind. Guess it will be a fresh not to say cold winter to come. Well I don’t mind – my fur is growing and every time the boss is brushing me… there more and more hair coming out. So I am getting my winter coat 😀  Have a great day all and paws up from me 🐾 💕

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