The old coal mine Ewald…

Hi all – hope you all had a great Sunday – me I had a blast 😀  in the truest sense. We had a storm raging here today and this morning on our round… we got blown away. So we took it easy for most of the morning, waiting for the wind to ease off a bit. However after lunch we gave up and went for a walk at the old coal mine Ewald.

It is part of the “Hoheward” – a place we’ve been before and you have a great view over the Ruhr area. Today we opted to park on the other side – just where all the old mining buildings are due to the blustery wind. It is a bit more sheltered there and we had walk around the buildings and the boss took some pics. I – on the other hand – opted for a dip in the water nearby.

There is this small little canal that has been build for whatever reason and there is even fish in there – would you believe it.

So – all of the building are from the 50’s and considering that, they seem in pretty good shape. Today of course – there is no more mining and all the stuff left gives an impression of how it must have been, the time people were working here. Amazing all the same, as a Retriever however I have different interests in the place 😀

We walked all the way to the end and then up the hill… where the wind picked up a bit, however still sheltered.

There has been a dramatic sky when we came around to the mine again. It pretty looked like it was gonna pour down on us. In the end it held up and we got back to the car on dry foot 😀

There wasn’t many people out and about and the few that we met, all had dogs. We did the usual meet and greet and most of the time I just went on.

These are the last images from our round from the walk way close to the top. All in all it was great to discover this side as we hadn’t been there before. Windy but dry – well for one of us anyway 😀  Have a great evening all and catch you again real soon. Paws up from me 🐾

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