At the Vet…

Hi all – yes you read correctly. The boss and I went to the vet, so that they could have a look at the growth at my eye lid. The boss discovered the growth 2 days ago and kept an eye on it. Today he decided it was time to go and see the vet. We got down there just before closing time, reducing the waiting time dramatically. Got in in no time and the doc had a good look at it and decided to cut off straight away. I got a local anesthetic and  they started working on it asap. Brave as I am I held still and the procedure was done in no time. I got a lot of praise for being such a good dog 😀  So – all we need to do now is to keep an eye on it and see that it heals without any problems. Good or what ? 👍
Afterwards we went down to the Ruhr – as we often do when down in Hattingen – this time we opted to go on the far side of the river, near the camping place. We hadn’t been there before…

This was great and there was lots to discover. We went through the little tunnel and up the hill on the other side.

The boss thought there would have been a good view, however most of it is obstructed by the branches of the trees. Coming back down and across the railway line…

we opted to head back to the car. We had been out there for a good while and I was glad to get back. Hope you all have a great day. Paws up from me 🐾

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