A visit to the old railway bridge in Wesel…

Hi all – I hope you all have a great start into the weekend. Here is my little update for the week πŸ˜€ On Thursday we had to go and pick up some stuff for the motorcycle and we combined it with a visit to Wesel. We haven’t been there for ages, so this was a great opportunity to go and explore the place again.This time there was no cows on the fields πŸ˜€ which meant I had the place to myself. You can spot me way ahead of the boss, heading for the water πŸ˜€On the way however, I discovered this puddle that had a lovely smell to it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€Well you know me… I had to go and check it out and the boss was over the moon NOT πŸ˜€ Coming out of there I had a lovely wiff which meant I had to go swimming again πŸ˜€In the far distance you can see the new bridge, the object of our desire on this round. As winter is approaching, there are a lot of geese in the fields. I guess they are preparing for migration to warmer spots… I wanted to go and say hello to them, however they take off as soon as they see me πŸ˜€ no fun to play with. There is river works going on as they are removing the leftover parts from the old bridge destroyed during the last days of the 2nd world war. You wouldn’t believe the noise under the bridge, in early days I would have waited for the boss. However now I am all grown up πŸ˜€ and went on my way.On the way back to the car, the wind picked up even more (you can see my ears flying in the wind πŸ˜€) and the sun came out a bit. That was nice and the last k was dry off time for me.I went into the fields and said hello to the mice, did a spot of digging and then gave up as I was pooped from the walk. I was glad to get back to the car, let me tell you πŸ˜€ So I hope you all will have a brilliant weekend, we will be helping to build shed for our friends boat. So no doubt there will be plenty of action for me πŸ˜€ keep you posted. Paws up from me🐾

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