My day at the building site πŸ˜€

Advent greetings from Bob the builder ÀÀÀh Benn the builder πŸ˜€ of course. I have been busy collecting all the wood cuttings πŸ˜€ that drop to the floor.. and let me tell you, I’ve been busy πŸ˜€ with that. So to give you an idea, this is the area that is to be covered and house the boat. There will be more pictures tomorrow as it was just too late to take more photos. It was raining a couple of times and I looked more like a pig πŸ½πŸ˜€ as there is plenty of muck everywhere.The boss decided to get me cleaned up, so we went home late afternoon – I had a shower and got a good rub with the towel πŸ˜€ mmmh love that. I stayed home for an hour after and had a good snooze. The boss came home when it got dark and I had a lovely dinner (chickenbreast and some dog food) and being good as I am – I got a treat afterwards – jummy. So all in all a busy day for all involved, now it is time for a rest. Have a wonderful evening all and thank you very much for all the well wishings, all good again πŸ˜€ Paws up from me 🐾

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