Our Sunday Round on the 2nd Advent…

Yesterday – in the freezing cold – Dirk and the boss had another building day (and that after Saturday’s building session in the cold as well I might add) so most of my day was waiting and rooting around the yard πŸ˜’In the afternoon, shortly before sunset the boss and I finally went for a walk. The shadows were already getting longer, so it was about time. We went our home round and part of it doesn’t get any sunshine at all during the day and downthere in the shade it was pretty cold ❄️ In the background and far distance you can get a glimpse of the β˜€οΈ between the trees.A bit further – up the hill – different story altogether. Heading towards the sunshine and warming up my bones πŸ˜€ I had to sit and pose for a picture for you, kinda like an Advent present πŸ˜€ and of course to enjoy the lovely β˜€οΈ A little up from there we turn right back down into the woods and into the shade again πŸ˜’ and this is where those last pics have been taken. The view back to the sunshine and the settling sun. The rest of the walk was in the freezing cold and I didn’t even bother going into the water at my favorite stream. Now that will give you an idea of how cold it was πŸ˜€I hope you all had a beautiful 2nd Advent and a good start into the new week. Catch you all little later, paws up from me 🐾

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