Johanna is still sick…

so we went and picked up the girls again. Today we had Hollyfee with us so there was 5 of us in total. Action pur let me tell you 😀  Here is a rare shot of all of us.girls-3Not so easy for the boss to manage that as we are all over the place 😀  The boss doesn’t mind that much, you see the girls have copped on and know that when the boss is calling, there is a point to it. Otherwise he just sees to it that nobody gets lost and we all can do our own thing.

Enjoy the images of us, hopefully Johanna will get better soon and she will join us on our round. She makes the girls sit and wait forever, not sure what that is good for. Me – I am allowed to roam around as you know. I think the girls like to be out with us, it is always fun to run around in a pack 😀  So I am off to the couch – pooped as I am 😀  and will have a little snooze 💤  before it is time for dinner. Have a wonderful evening all – catch you later. Paws up from me 🐾

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