A visit to the Dutch border at Roermond…

Let me start with a happy 3rd Advent 😀  hope you all had a brilliant day so far. Me – I just got back from a lovely walk from the Dutch border. Yeah – we went to the office this morning and the boss decided today being Sunday and 3rd of Advent – that we should go and do something special. When we left the office it was grey in grey and raining, so we didn’t really know where to head. A quick check with the weather app made us go West and head towards Düsseldorf. When getting over the hill, we could see bits of blue sky even further West. So the boss decided to head to Roermond – a Dutch border town – and see what it was like there weatherwise. We stopped just short of the border and went to a place Schwalmbruch. As you can see just a stone throw away from the border.roermondWhen we got there, there was a couple of people getting back from a walk with their dogs, so the boss had a quick chat to them to find out which way to go. As it was already latish in the afternoon (and the days are very short nowadays) we got advice to take a route that is not quite as long. Little over 4 k was enough for me as I have been running around like mad 😀screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-19-25-20Anyhow – the place is brilliant with lots of water and you know what that means – right…

I have been in and out of the water many times, as always the boss didn’t really mind. Even got a treat every now and again 😀  Not many people out, even though the weather was rather nice with some 8º degrees and a bit of sunshine.

So – all in all we made the right decision to travel West. We didn’t see any rain there. Made it back to the car just before it getting dark. On the way back we drove through Holland and up to Venlo. The city of Venlo is beautifully lit up with Christmas lights, of course nothing you would capture with an iPhone while driving. We might drop over next weekend or even during the week, the boss is not working in the evenings – jippie 😀
Crossing the border – well wouldn’t you know – it started to rain again 😒
Anyhow – I had a ball discovering this new place and restassured, it wasn’t the last time we’ve been there. So – have a wonderful Advent evening all – paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “A visit to the Dutch border at Roermond…”

  1. What a nice day you both had today. Great to read about 😆 thank you Golden Benn 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome 😀 it was great out there… glad you liked it.


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