A visit to the Berger memorial…

Another busy day for us today, plenty of snoozing in the office for me 😊  afterwards we went and ran our errands. Since we had to drop off some paperwork and invoices, the boss opted to visit the Berger memorial again. With all that grey sky

it would get dark again rather quickly, so we drove up and went for a lovely round. I had plenty of time to do a good bit of nose work 😊  and some posing for pictures.

There was a bit of wind going and it was cooler than yesterday, not to say it was rather fresh out. On the way back to the car, we met one older man looking for his dog. Funny as he said he hadn’t seen it for the best part of an hour. I did help look for him, however as the place is surrounded by wood – I gave up rather quick and we went on our way.

Here is a couple of more images from our round, as you can see it was a rather dull day. Hope you all had a good day 😊  there will be more office time tomorrow, so I will be well rested when I get out of there. Tomorrow the boss has to go and fix the printer in Dirks office, meaning I will get a lot of cuddles from Dirk while the boss is working – jippie 😊 Have a great evening all – catch you all tomorrow – same time – same place 😊  Paws up from me 🐾

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