From the beach…

Friday greetings – this time from the beach. We went down to the beach at Laholm today,
beachHere you see me climbing the stairs of a look-out station. It was very slippery, so in the end I decided not to climb up the stairs any further.

Back down on earth 😀  we then continued to the beach, it was so windy but sunny. Which everybody thought was great. Here you see me marking Dirk, while he was watching the waves. It was a great place and there was plenty to discover, pretty much like my own adventure on the beach.

before heading off to Halmstad to get some shopping done. Apparently entering the Pub “The Dubliner” the boss was told that there is no dogs allowed in the pub. Swedish law 😒 so I had to wait in the car while the boss and his friend Dirk enjoyed beer and coffee.
Here are some more images of me from the beach 😀 hope you like them.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening, one more sleep and Santa will come 🎅. I so hope that I will get a squeeky toy, I love squeeky toys 😀. So have a wonderful night and I will catch you all again tomorrow. Merry Christmas and paws up from me 🐾

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