My afternoon at the beach…

Hi all – let me tell you about the windy afternoon the boss and I spent on the beach called Melbystrand. It was so much fun running around in the dunes and playing hide and seek with the boss, he thinks he can fool my nose 🐕  and I still find him everytime 😀

Here you see me – King of the dunes Benn 😀  sitting model for the boss. One of those moments where I actually sat still. The beach was pretty empty, just the occassional beach-21walker passing us. It was so much fun having the place to ourselves, even though cars are allowed to drive on the beach. Just imagine the crowd in the summer 😊  packed I guess.

Some nice spots I found where you could sit and enjoy a nice sunset, once the temperatures are up in the 20th s 😊  beach-18All in all I had a great time out there with the boss, he decided to go running afterwards. I stayed with Dirk in the car and had a good snooze waiting for the boss to come back.

I leave you with some more images from our walk, have a great evening all and sweet dreams 💤  later. Paws up from me 🐾

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  1. […] run on the beach was a first one for me. After having spent the best part of 90 min with Benn messing on the beach I went to pick up Dirk. He decided to cycle down the 30 somewhat kilometers to the beach to meet […]

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