It’s Party time… 😋

and you know what that means 😊  plenty of food going round. Good morning all – hope you had a good night. We had a party yesterday evening, with a big fire and
some people over for a BBQ to go with it. 😊  Resulting in me getting a lot of attention, with Sabine taking good care of me especially. I got plenty of cuddles from all of them, there was a few more people attending. However some of them had to leave early as they had to go to Halmstad.

There was some fire monsters – Dirk being very creative all day 👍 – they are called Sweden fires. The boss had never heard of them, you cut the wood out of the centre of a big log and then light a fire on the inside. When it works, the wood not being wet – it is fantastic 👍 and as you can see – they are scary 😊

Just to give you an idea what they look like when they are on fire. Earlier on a couple of them were lit and they just smoked like mad and it took forever for them to burn. The one pictured was the biggest and in the end – worked fine. Actually the log is still smoldering while I am writing this. All in all a good night, with the boss and Dirk being happy that it worked out and the weather playing along nicely. It was 5º degrees last night, so it wasn’t too cold outside. The BBQ took over 2 hrs as this was a special meat from Germany, called “Spiessbraten” – don’t ask I have no idea why it takes forever to cook or grill or whatever 😊  just know it tastes yummy 😋  The boss gave me some pieces and I gobbled them up… mmmmh 👍

Today being the last day of the year, I have heard that we might go down to the beach for an hour around midnight to celebrate the New Year and watch the fireworks. I am not really keen on the fireworks part, to tell you the truth. I’d rather stay at home and snooze. Guess once a year is not too bad and if the humans want to go to the beach, I will follow suit. Can’t let the boss go all by himself – right? 😊  I am off now for my morning round, getting fed when we get back and that will make my day 😊  Have a good one and catch you all a little later – paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “It’s Party time… 😋”

  1. Happy New Year dear Benn. You all have a great time in Sweden. Like the pictures. Have fun and be careful 💖

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    1. Thank you so much… See you on the other side in 2017 🐾 💚 🎉


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