First Morning Round in the New Year…

Happy New Year 😀
The New Year greeted us with rain this morning. I got up pretty early, much to the disappointment of the boss 😀  who would have liked a lie-in no doubt. morningSo on our round we got a bit wet, however we went into the woods and I had a good run around and my nose was working overtime. There are so many animals around here, the boss would have liked to spot an elch. Guess you cannot get to close to them, they are supposed to be somewhat dangerous. I would stay well clear of those guys, I can tell you that for nothing 😊  Other than that there was nothing dramatic going on. Getting back was fun as I got breakfast, the leftovers from the party – yummy 😋  It is time for me to have a snooze now, so I am off to my bed. Have a good day, might catch you a little later. Not sure if we are doing anything special today, if so you will read about it here 😊  Paws up from me 🐾

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