Happy New Year to all – Gott nytt år – Frohes Neues Jahr – Bonne année… 😀

and may it be a wonderful and prosperous one for each one of you. As I wrote in last years post 🤣  we went down to the beach for the change of the year. I wasn’t too keen on all the bangers and fireworks, however I did pretty well according to the boss.new_year-2When we got down to the beach (you can actually drive on and onto the beach), there was already some people there. However they didn’t light any fireworks until just before midnight, so I had a good root around the place. One advantage with the beach was the wind – well for me anyway. It covered a good amount of the noise of the bangers, so that was pretty good. 👍

The boss and Dirk were outside, Dirk was trying to light a Sweden fire. Difficult with all that wind going, however in the end he succeeded. The pictures of the fire didn’t make the cut though 😒  At midnight all hell broke loose, no just kidding as the Swedes aren’t really that keen on the old fireworks. I stayed in the car with the boss near by and that was good enough for me. Round 00.45 hr we made our way home, with the wind picking up even more. The fireworks display was over, just the occasional cracker going off. We were home shortly after 01.10 hr and I went straight to bed, being exhausted from watching over the boss. 😀  I hope you all had a fantastic night and got over to the New Year safe and sound, which is the most important point of all. Have a good one – paws up from me 🐾

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