Frosty Morning Walk… ❄️

Good morning all – has normal daily routine set in again with you? While we are still in Sweden it wasn’t even 10.00 hr and the phone rang already. Amazing isn’t it? Glad he didn’t answer – we are after all on holidays – right?morning-8Winter has returned to us with some frost overnight, everything was covered with glistening ice crystals. Simply magic as it was raining only yesterday. The sun was shining which made our round even better 😊

Such a beautiful scenery when the sun is out, just very cold. I don’t mind so much as I come complete with my own heating system 😀  most of which I am losing when we are inside. There is hair nearly everywhere I go, just as well that the boss doesn’t mind. Anyhow – my friends were out early this morning as well, however more than a quick meet and greet isn’t on 😊  they are just too big and wild.

I hope you will all have a good day, should you be working already – don’t let it get to you. Just take it easy. We are to run some errands today, go for a walk on the beach and do some shopping – you know the usual stuff. From a sunny and cold Sweden the best wishes. Paws up from me 🐾

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