Hiking in the rain 🌨

Hi all – just got back from a hiking trip with the boss and Dirk on the Hallandsleden trail inScreen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.50.54.pngthe rain. Well it didn’t rain at first, however half way in it was increasing more and more. So in the end we took a u-turn and went back home.

Have a look at these guys… the bulls belong to our next door neighbour and they had a ball when we passed the field – stampeding over the whole field  like mad and following me 😀 Soon after we took a right and straight into the woods

and followed the signs for the trail. Apparently just the woods behind our little house are huge. Thanks to the signs we could find our way, without those it would be near impossible to navigate through and/or back I guess. Anyhow I had a ball running in and out of the woods, crossing the path and finally guess what I found 😊  yeah you’re so rightwalk-5A lovely stream and yes I had to have a dip in it. So when the boss is pointing the camera at me, this is what I do 😀walk-6Get’s him every time 😊
So – having a snooze now after a lovely dinner I just had. Time to sign off and head for dreamland 💤  Leave you with some more images and catch you again a bit later. Paws up from me 🐾

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