The day today 💤 and some wood working 😀

Hi all – today wasn’t much action for me due to the boss going running on an extended round. There is talk of some competition with a 1000 miles this year – I think they all gone mad 😊  So I had a good snooze for most of the day, even when the boss got back we both had a snooze 💤  I just love that, snuggling up to the boss is my thing and I sleep even better, snoring at the best of times.
Well – after our little snooze we went for our afternoon round. Sun setting already on our way back. There isn’t that much daylight in winter here, so the days are rather short.
Anyhow I wasn’t to pushed as I really wanted to mess around with the wood that was cut 😊afternoon-3Here you see me overlooking the work that’s been carried out by Dirk 😊  He loves being outside and he loves making fires 🔥 afternoon-5While the boss was running, he started to clear out the yard and the shed for the boat and a few other things to be stored. He has been at it most of the day and I was out with him, messing around and making sure he is doing a good job 😊afternoon-4We have 2 more days in Sweden 🇸🇪  before we go home. I think everybody is glad to get back, me I love it at home. Sleep in my own bed, play with my friends – I think that’s cool. However tomorrow we are going to some place at the coast, supposed to be nice. Guess I will be writing about it no doubt. Have a great evening all and paws up from me 🐾

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