Good Morning World…

brrrr – it is freezing out there. We had -11º deg this morning and beautiful sunshine, so we opted to visit the horses again. I am getting really good with them, not so afraid anymore.morning-2They are always messing around, however curious and come to the fence when I get there. This guy is very friendly and always comes close, while the other ones aren’t really that interested in me 😀  morningSo with the temps so low, this little stream is frozen solid. You can hardly see it in the pic and it is difficult to catch on camera – so the boss tells me. Well – you get an idea how coldmorning-6it got overnight.morning-5Here is me waiting for the boss again, he always takes pictures 😀  We took a turn this morning and went in to a field where some storm must have done havoc with the trees. We have passed this place, however we didn’t bother going in. So we had a good look around, the guys have cleaned up the place. Though some of the stems are still standing.morning-7So the colors are just the biz – don’t you think? morning-8Here is a shot of the sun ☀️ rising, amazing if you consider that it doesn’t rise much higher for most of the day. morning-4So – we are off to Båstad today, making the most of the sunshine. No doubt I will post later on this afternoon. I hope you will have a wonderful day, also with loads of sunshine and hopefully not as cold. Catch you all later – paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Good Morning World…”

  1. Hallo Benn. You are having a great time in Sweden. You been there for many days now, did you mowe up there ? Hope you soon will have a lot of snow to have fun in.

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    1. Hallo Bettina und Max,
      Yeah been here since December 22.
      We are going home on Saturday and while it will be cold again tomorrow – there will be no snow here 😒
      Have a great evening – paws and woofs from me 🐾


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