A visit to Båstad and the coast…

Hi all – little late our post from yesterday, we had visitors this morning so the boss couldn’t upload and work on the post. I hope you all are having a great day so far, here all is good as I got plenty of cuddles this morning 😀
Back to yesterday, we drove to a place called Båstad, a cozy little place right at the water.kusten-2Of course it was freezing cold as we had some -11º degrees, see the ice building here. brrrrkusten-7The place is still in christmas mode, they haven’t updated their sign yet 😀kusten-5How sweet is that ? We had a walk the area, however with the wind going it was just too cold to run around outside for too long.

So after taking some more images we went for a drive down the coast road, which was great given the gorgeous sunshine we had. We found this place somewhere near Toreviken and stopped down at a small little harbour and went for a walk.

It was still very cold, but the wind had eased off a bit so it made it bearable for my 2-legged friends 😀  I don’t mind so much, as I am thick coated…kusten-19They even have a dog beach, which of course dogs are only allowed in when on the leash. Yeah right 😊kusten-9So while our friend Dirk was once again taking his fishing rod out to sea 😊  we had walk around the place…kusten-17and discovered some 2nd world war left over bunker. Unbelievable, you think they would have removed it by now…kusten-20Shortly after the nature reservat begins, so we went the other way as the fishing hadn’t been successful so far 😊  and by the looks of it, wasn’t going to bring something anyway.

The view was something else from there as we headed over to the other side. We found this seating arrangement with a beautiful view out to sea. Imagine sitting there when it iskusten-28nice and warm out. Just the place to be, close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves gently letting you forget everything around you 😊  Cool or what…

Of course I had to go down to the waterline and check out how cold it was, you see the ice there building. Just had a dip and decided to get out again, bit too cold even for me. On the way back we discovered those trees. They must get hammered by the wind the way they kusten-23lean. Amazing that they can grow like that. Bit further there was this small little blue gate the boss found interesting. God only knows why as I have to wait 😒  and you know me, I don’t like hanging around.kusten-22It was a fantastic walk, enjoyed every minute of it. Leave you with some shots of me, love to pose for you 😀  enjoy them if you may… Paws up from me 🐾

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