Cold Sweden ❄️

Well I am not kidding you, this morning we had -18.5º when we went out the door. The iPhone got a frost shock and stopped working immediately. No joke – the boss took it out of the pocket and it went dead. 😒  We had to get out a second time and bring the big camera in order to get some shots. Now I don’t want to bore you with shots of the frozenfrost-5landscape. So here is the complete collection for you 😊

However I have some other news you might be interested in… On this very day 2 years ago the boss picked me up from the place I used to live. We went to Dormagen for my very first walk (without leash) with the boss and I did run around like mad. Unbelievable that this is already 2 years ago. So – if you have bothered reading this far down the post, you know that today is a special day 😀  something to celebrate 🎉
So here comes the note from the boss:
My dear little Benn, thank you for making my life so much richer and letting me be part of yours. May all your journeys always be safe…
End note from the boss…
Yeah – that’s him – short and sweet. It has been a fantastic journey for me, I have learned so much and I am looking forward to the next years to come. Paws up from me 🐾

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