Back to normal…

So we are getting back into the swing of things – well kind of πŸ˜€ The boss is working and I am off to the girls early in the morning, which is fun on one hand and a bit disappointing on the other hand. Guess I was enjoying the time in Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ and it will take a while for us getting back to normal. Anyhow when the boss picked me up today, the girls were a bit sad as he only picked me up and brought me for a walk, instead of the whole pack.walkUsually we bring the girls with us, however today I was happy just to be on my own. On our round I met Jasper, the guy coming towards me. I am not so keen on the horse, however I had a good saying hello with Jasper πŸ˜€ which was great fun for the two of us. The rest of the round was pretty calm, we just met 2 other dogs. Not much going on with them as both of them were on the leash. As you can see (or maybe not) we have had another grey day with temperatures around the 4ΒΊ deg mark. This morning it was snowing a bit, however the snow was more wet than anything else and it didn’t stay on the ground for long. Hopefully we will have some snow next week. The forecast is for colder temperatures and with a bit of luck we might have some snow to go with it. Well – may that as it be – I hope you all had a good day and will have an enjoyable evening. I am off to the couch for my well earned snooze πŸ’€ Catch you all again soon πŸ˜€ Paws up from me 🐾

One response to “Back to normal…”

  1. Good evening Benn, you are probably sleeping now. I love reading about your adventures. Have a great day tomorrow.

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