Sunday Update…

Hi all – just a quick update about my day so far ☺️ Nothing spectacular I might add, this morning just the usual round. As you can see, we have had some snow last night. So the round this morning was with plenty of nose work.

Here you can see me inspecting the mice that live there. The boss” target=”_blank”>actually made a video of me digging around ☺️

Here you get an idea what the woods look like now with the bit of snow. I would love some more snow so I can roll around in it some more 😀 The rest of the morning the boss spent cleaning the house and doing some work on the computer. Early afternoon we went down to the lake and went the big round including the dog park. There was no pictures taken as there wasn’t anything worth while shooting I guess. The place was extremely muddy and there was no snow down there 😞 It was fun all the same as I did some geese chasing, don’t like them sitting around, relaxing 😎 and doing nothing. Back at the car, I got a good rub down with the towel and some treats for being good. The boss went running afterwards while I had a snooze waiting for him to come back.

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