Sunset Walk…

Jippie 😀 it’s the weekend… sunset_walk-12Here is the update from our walk yesterday. The boss picked me up from the girls just in time as they were heading for a walk. We didn’t join them as we had some shopping to do. Instead we went to the cycle path and went for a lovely but cold sunset walk, before running the errands.

The colours were stunning, so I had to wait for the boss as he was taking all those pictures.

On our round we met just one couple with 2 dogs and they were more concerned about my size as those 2 were rather small. Gentleman that I am, I passed them without a bother 😊 It was lovely out, even though it got rather cold once the sun had set behind the hills. Afterwards the boss a pizza, which means I get some of the crust 🤤 mmmh… That always is a special treat, of course it is for a special dog 😎

That’s all for now, have a great start into the weekend. I am sure I will catch you all later. Paws up from me 🐾

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