Heilenbecker Talsperre – Light snow fall and – 3º degrees…

Hi all – this afternoon the boss came to pick me up early and we went for a wintry round to the Heilenbecker Talsperre. A water reservoir we’d been before, however it is donkeys years ago 😊

As you can see the water part is frozen over, so no swimming for me today ☺️ and plenty of snow all around. I had to do so much reading as there was plenty of messages left for me 😊 and I gave my best to answer most of them. heilen-7You can see the ducks sitting at the edge of the ice and no – I wasn’t allowed to go and say hello to them. I was already on the way – however the boss called me back. Promise I was only going over to play with them 😀heilen-10The boss was taking pictures and as usual I had to wait for him, so he took a picture of me as well 😊 while waiting… On the way home we did the shopping and I helped carry the groceries heilen-11Of course I only carry the good stuff (for me 😀) and let the boss carry the rest of the stuff. I got some Frolic today, just the small ones. Usually the boss doesn’t like me having Frolic and it was ages – that I had them. So I am over the moon getting them as a special treat 😊
Have a great evening all – catch you again real soon. Paws up from me 🐾

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