End of January already…

Good evening all – can you believe it – it is the end of the month already. Time flies when you’re having fun 😊  Yesterday we went to Düsseldorf to drop off some paperwork and while out there we went for a walk by the river. walk-2As you can see, the weather was awful. It was raining and I must admit I was glad to get back to the car, nice and cozy in there. Just what the doctor ordered 😊  No all joking aside, not nice with the wind going and that bloomin 🌨  Today’s round wasn’t better, we went down to the lake and it was grey in grey and hardly anybody about.walk-3The boss just took a picture from under the bridge, that’s how little was happening on our round 😞
So I will let you in on a little secret, tonight we will be heading to Berlin, to visit a friend of ours. Next couple of days I will be posting stuff from the other side of the country. How cool is that – Retriever on the move 😊  you can follow me on instagram (golden_benn) or on Twitter (@Golden_Benn) if you like… I guess I am a well connected Retriever 😊  The boss will be posting from the road I guess. We will be leaving rather early to avoid most of the traffic on the A2 – the motorway is also called the Warsaw alley 😀  because of all the Eastern block lorries etc.
Hope you all will have a wonderful evening and a great start into the new month February. Paws up from me 🐾 💚

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