A Visit to Sanssouci… 😊

After a short drive from the little town of Caputh, we arrived at the gardens of the famous castle of Sanssouci.sanssouci-16As you can see the weather wasn’t really that great, however I had a ball running around in the grounds of this place. Not many people out and about, due to this cold Easterly wind. Here are some of the pics the boss took while out there…

Hope you like them, they don’t give much detail and the grey skies don’t help the matter much. We had a good walk around the vast grounds, the boss and I had a race and had a game of stick throwing 😊  just to break up the boring part of just walking 😀  sanssouci-7Check out this shot of me walking towards the camera 😊  the boss was delighted. I am sure this place is brill once the sun is out and the temps are somewhat up. Today we all were pretty damn happy to get back to the car 😊  I tell you that for nothing…
So after visiting the grounds of Sanssouci, the boss decided that it would be a good idea to visit Checkpoint Charlie. You can read about it here 😊  Have a great evening all and paws up from me 🐾

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