Schwielow Lake – A place called Caputh…

Hi all – today’s journey took us to a place called Caputh at the Schwielow lake, South of the city of Potsdam. Apparently Albert Einstein had a summer residence in this place.

Other than that nothing special to report from this place. In the summer sure a tourist hot spot, however pretty dead and unspectacular in the winter 😊  We just had a quick walk around the river bank and discovered this wooden whale and the boss had to take a picture of me with it 😊  caputh-8
After that it was back to the car. Too cold – the forecast said -1º deg – however it felt more like -8º deg to tell you the truth. From there we took the small ferry across the water to the city of Potsdam for a visit to the Castle of Sanssouci.caputh-7While driving from the car park to the ferry, the boss discovered this painting on the side of the building.caputh-11It is from the 1970’s – pretty cool don’t you think? It wasn’t really that great there for me, nothing much to do – just had a dip in the cold water, listening to the hiss of the excited swans and a bit of a run around 😊  Catch you all later – paws up from me 🐾

You can read about our visit to the Checkpoint Charlie here – if you like… 👍 😊

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  1. […] a short drive from the little town of Caputh, we arrived at the gardens of the famous castle of Sanssouci.As you can see the weather […]

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