Berlin City…

Right guys – here is the update from today 😊  As you can see once again the weather let us down BIG time – grey skies all over the place. When we got to the “Pariser Platz” we all berlinhad a snack. The boss got a sandwich and guess who got half of it 😊  yeah you guessed right – yours truly 😀  We met this couple of girls – one of them a performer of poetry. She gave us a bit of her profession – quoting Tolstoy. Pretty impressive the boss said, so it must have been good 👍

So once we left the “Pariser Platz” we were heading direction of the park “Tiergarten” – a big park right in the center of Berlin. On the way we passed the Russian memorial, a place where all the fallen Russian soldier are honoured and from what we gathered – there was

a lot of them 😞
When we finally got to the park “Tiergarten” I was allowed off the leash and free. You see – they have strict laws in the city of Berlin regarding dogs and on top of it – there was some demonstration and a lot of police present, so the boss decided not to push it. berlin-12In the park I met another Golden Retriever, however he was a bit like me – he had no interest in playing. He just said hello and walked off. Fine by me – however I guess I must have looked a bit puzzled 😊  berlin-14On the way out and across the street – literally – we had the “German Reichstag”… the

place where they made that silly law about us dogs having to walk on the leash and the boss having to pay taxes for owning a dog. Clearly us Golden Retrievers should be exempt from such laws – good as we are 😊

On the way back to the car – apparently we got a parking space very close by and on top of everything – the guy that pulled of the spot gave us his valid parking ticket. How cool is that? Our friend Yvonne was speechless, I guess the boss is a pretty lucky guy 😊  he nearly always gets a space, wherever we go… Anyhow – cut a long story short… the river Spree runs right through Berlin and this part is called the “Spreebogen” and runs through the government area. Getting back to the car – I was pretty pooped and put my head down and had a snooze 💤  The boss went shopping and got me half of a cooked chicken. This was my dinner today and let me tell – I am stuffed now and ready to have another snooze. 💤  😊  I will get the boss to post more stuff from the road tomorrow as we are going home. Hope you all have a fantastic evening, paws up from me 🐾

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