Back Home again…😊

home-3So when I sit here – like in the featured image – this is the look I have from there. Great isn’t it? From here I can see my friends the rabbits, when they’re out playing πŸ˜€

Good morning all and greetings from home again 😊 Β don’t get me wrong. I love going away and seeing new places, however home is pretty much the best place there is – wouldn’t you agree? I had a lovely time in Berlin, even though I am not really a city dog. I enjoyed the extra attention I got from our friend Yvonne, thank you dear 😊 Β Next time could you please order some better and warmer weather please 😊home-2So now I am back home and this morning we went our usual route into the woods. Plenty to sniff and my nose did overtime. It is fresh out, not as bad as up North – still a little frost in the fields and we had a lovely sunrise. Something we didn’t have while being away 😞homeHope you all will have a great day, we are off to run some errands later. Guess there will be some action later 😊 Β I will keep you posted – paws up from me 🐾

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