Wednesday’s Walk…

Hi all – the weekend is sooooo close 😊 The boss didn’t have the time to post earlier, however I know that he did post some stuff on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe you caught up with me there.selmSo – on Wednesday we went up to a place called Selm, right at the Tscherner Lake. A place we had been before, it is a good while though. It is a brilliant walk and there is plenty of space up there as you can see in those pictures. I had to go and wake up the ducks 😊 don’tselm-2
like them sitting around 😊

Crossing the bridge and walking up the little hill in the back, you get to the canal. We walked along the edge for a bit, before heading back to the car. The Easterly breeze was very cold 😞 and it looked like it was gonna rain.Β selm-6On the other side I found this mud hole – goess I don’t need to tell you anything, just let the picture speak for itself 😊 A two-coloured version of me. Not really a problem for the boss. He found a stick and threw that into the water and I went to fetch it 😊 coming out ofselm-8
the water nearly clean again. Guess we know all the tricks 😊 I am glad that the boss didn’tselm-10
mind me taking a mud bath 😊 Me having a bath meant a good rub down with the towel, something I love very much. selm-11
Here is me snoozing it off 😊 have a great Friday all, catch you little later. Paws up from me 🐾

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