Our Afternoon Walk…

Yesterday afternoon we went to “Wuppertal Beyenburg”, a place we haven’t been for a good while now. There is a steep climb right at the beginning of the walk over some stairs. wpt-4I did run up those stairs and was way ahead of the boss, he is so slow and stops a lot for taking pictures 😊 This gives me plenty of time to do my own thing and the boss don’t mind as there was hardly any people about.

So from the top of the climb you have a wonderful view of the surrounding area, when the sun is shining of course.wpt-12The place is 285 meters above sea level and they put a stone right on the top, next to thosewpt-13benches. Once up there, it is a nice and easy round through the woods back to the car.wpt-11We opted to take a short diversion, just to see what is up there. Nothing special and with

the weather as was, we decided to take the usual route back down. While we walked downwpt-20I ran in and out of the woods just to see what is in there. Further down, while waiting for the boss… this guy comes up the hill 😊wpt-22We just said hello – no time to mess around – too much to discover 😊 out there.

There is a small stream next to the path and of course I had to go in and have a look to see if there is fish in there 😊 so I had wet paws and was a bit muddy.wpt-21While the boss was taking this picture, I was waiting for him once again further down 😊wpt-25Can you still spot me in the picture 😊 this is how far away I was. We caught up with each other down where the way splits and have to cross the bridge over the river.

Waiting for the boss at the car again 😊 you see me being pretty knackered and happy towpt-28get inside and have a snooze 💤 while going back home. Hope you guys are having a lovelywpt-29Sunday, catch you all a little later – maybe. Paws and woofs from me 🐾wpt-18

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