Greetings all 😀

and welcome to my day so far ☺️Just a quick update… not much happened as the boss is working a lot at the moment, so I did spent the last couple of days with the girls and Johanna. This is the latest addition to the pack – Bijou 😀IMG_7319.JPGand here are some more pics of me and the girls in the woods. See Johanna makes us sit still and wait for her to take the pictures. Doesn’t the young one look like she is wearing a wig – funny don’t you think ?IMG_7321.JPGimg_7320
Me and sitting still don’t go well together, however I have to stay put until all is done. Anyhow that is just a bit of info for the last couple of days. This morning we were greeted with lovely sunshine and some warmer temperatures, that was was plenty of action in the woods and the boss had seen some deer while I was further down inspecting other stuff. This lunchtime we went for a walk just in the local woods. Lovely round again in beautiful sunshine, warm enough for me to take a dip in the pond 😀

Here is a pic of the last snow… I think I will be happy when spring finally arrives…day-7We are home now, I am off for a snooze. Have a great afternoon all, enjoy the sunshine if you have any and as always – paws up from me 🐾


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  1. Quite the good looking pack of pups!

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